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Hi! I'm Carolyn, founder of Loved by Rascals and Mum of the three rascals in question.

The idea for Loved by Rascals was born through my frustration of the amount of useless children's products I bought and the JOY of finding the RIGHT ones, you know the ones that get use day in day out, in lots of different ways by both babies & kids, for YEARS.

We spent the first years of being parents living in a small apartment in Dubai, where there wasn't much space for things that gathered dust or had a short life span.  My passion is for making play easy and fun.  Creating and curating toys and brands that can be used throughout a childhood, that are sustainable and that help the child to develop.   

Usefulness and a long life are fundamental to all the products loved by us.  I have been hunting high and low and testing, testing, testing to make sure all the kids accessories and toys we offer stand the test of time.   I hope our products help to make your parenting journey more enjoyable (maybe give you long enough to enjoy a hot coffee) and enable you to have FUN as a family!

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