Where are Bumpa Mats made?

Bumpa Mats are made in a specialist faclity in Korea. This facility has been spcifically chosen by us because it is able to manufacture to our strict design preferences as well as meeting all of the requirements that enable us to satisfy the strict European, UK and Australian testing, quality and safety standards. Bumpa Mats carry a recognisable diamond embossed surface. This helps to idenitfy our unmatched quality versus other brands manufactured in China. Bumpa Mats have been tested, certified and accredited safe from BPA, Phthalates and Formamide. Bumpa Mats are an Australian owned brand established in 2010 that also carry certification from the Australian NHMRC - National Health and Medical Research Council.

My Bumpa Mat has some creases

Once unrolled you may find that your Bumpa Mat has some creases or is slightly curled at the end. This is due to packaging and storage, and nothing premanent to worry about. Once unrolled and laid flat any creases or curls will flatten and even out. This usually doesnt take more than a couple of days or so. Flipping the Bumpa Mat from side to side and applying weight to any lifts overnight (with something flat like an upside down footstool) usually helps to speed up the process.

How do I care for my Bumpa Mat?

You'll be pleased to know that Bumpa Mats are durable and don't require any special treatment. They can be hoovered alongside the rest of your home as well as mopped, steam mopped and very easily wiped with a damp cloth and any gentle cleaning solution. Each Bumpa Mat comes with a care guide for your reference. Below are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the most from your playmat: - Harsh chemicals may damage the surface - Vacuums with rotating brushes may damage the surface of the mat - Bumpa Mats are water resistant, not water proof - they should not be sumberged in water and left for any length of time - Avoid contact with highly concentrated colours, they may stain the surface - Avoid any sharp items that can pierce the surface of the mat

Can I use my Bumpa Mat outside?

Absolutely YES! Bumpa Mats make a great safe surface (and nice decoration) for any patio/decking or garden area and can also be used on your grass. Do check that there are no sharp objects below your mat that might pierce or damage the surface before placing it down. We suggest rolling your Bumpa Mat up and bringing it inside overnight to avoid any discolouration from the sun or damage from damp or wet conditions.

Can I use my Bumpa Mat on heated flooring?

Absolutely YES! Bumpa Mats are perfectly fine to be used on flooring with underground heating. The non toxic make up of the Bumpa Mat means you'll not need to fear leaching of harmful chemicals and your heated flooring will in no way damage the playmat.

How fast can you deliver?

Delivery within Ireland and UK usually takes between 3 and 5 working days. We deliver to most parts of Europe and have subsidised the cost of delivery to match the Ireland & UK delivery costs that we absorb. You will find a detailed list of the countries we ship to and the costs here. If you wish to ship to a country not listed, please get in touch by email and I will be able to provide a quotation. carolyn@lovedbyrascals.com

What guarantees and warranties do I get with my Bumpa Mat?

When our care guide is followed, there is no reason that your Bumpa Mat shouldn't easily last a lifetime! We're confident that we've sourced the very best manufaturers for Bumpa Mats and that our quality is unmatched and of the highest standards. Every Bumpa Mat sold comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

I want to cover a large space with my Bumpa Mat - How can I do this?

You can cover a space as large as you wish with Bumpa Mats. When used on hard floors, they're non slip and wont budge so can be placed side by side to make a larger soft floor space. We cannot guarantee the patterns will match but can guarantee you'll have a soft floor space that you'll love!

What are the sizes of Bumpa Mats?

Bumpa Mats come in a standard size of 140x240cm. We are working to bring Bumpa Mats in a smaller size of 135x105cm - we expect to have at least some of these stocked by the end of November 2020. All Bumpa Mats are 1cm thick. Thick enough to keep your precious little ones safe from bumps and bangs without being a trip hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions