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  • I want one, can I Pre-Order?
    Due to fluid international shipping times and production issues over the last two years we can not guarantee timing of product being available or delivery dates. For this reason no pre order is currently available. If you sign up to our newsletter on the website or follow us on social media, you'll be updated regularly.
  • How do I clean my Playmat?
    You'll be pleased to know that The Playmats are durable and don't require any special treatment. They can be hoovered alongside the rest of your home as well as mopped, steam mopped and very easily wiped with a damp cloth and any gentle cleaning solution. Below are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the most from your playmat: - Avoid contact with highly concentrated colours, they may stain the surface - including but not limited to; food colourings, turmeric, tomato based sauces and red berries and fruit. - Harsh chemicals may damage the surface - Vacuums with rotating brushes may damage the surface of the mat - The Playmats are water resistant, not water proof - they should not be left in water for any length of time - Avoid any sharp items (including animal claws) that can pierce the surface of the mat - Avoid placing furniture on The Playmat for extended periods of time
  • My Playmat has some creases, what do I do?
    Your playmat has been rolled up nice and safely for its journey to you. It make take a little while to settle into its new surroundings and relax completely. Don't worry it will! It may still curl up, remembering how it was stored, but it will flatten out over time. If you want to speed up the process, simply roll your Playmat up the opposite way it came and pop it back in its box overnight. It will roll out flat in the next morning.
  • Help, I got a stain on my Playmat!
    We recommend only using gentle cleaning solutions on your Playmat to avoid discolouration or damage, but if you have a stain on it, you may need to try something else! Try a paste of Baking Soda. Mix 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water, and mix. It should have the consistency of toothpaste. Use a toothbrush to apply the paste to the stain and leave it for 30mins, then cross your fingers! Wipe clean after 30mins and hopefully it works.
  • What size is The Playmat?
    The Playmat is 230 x 140 cm and 1.5cm thick - perfect for soft landings and sitting on the floor for hours of play. We will be expanding the range throughout 2022 - including a smaller size 100 x 140cm and a round model which will be 140cm in diameter, stay tuned to socials or sign up to the newsletter to be kept in the loop!
  • Can I use my Playmat outside?
    Yes they can, however they are designed for indoor use. Before taking your Playmat outside check that there are no sharp objects below your mat that might pierce or damage the surface before placing it down. Don't leave it outside over night or for long periods - to avoid any discolouration from the sun or damage from damp or wet conditions.
  • Can I use my Playmat on heated flooring?
    Yes they are safe on underfloor heating clear of any other layers.
  • How fast can you deliver?
    Delivery within Republic of Ireland usually takes between 3 and 5 working days. If you wish to ship to another country, please get in touch by email and I will be able to provide a quotation.
  • Where are The Playmats made?
    Designed in Ireland, The Playmats are made in a specialist factory in China. Made to the highest standards. The Playmats carry the CE mark and meet the European EN71 standard. Designed in Ireland, The Playmats are made in a specialist factory in China. S
  • What guarantees and warranties do I get with The Playmat?
    When our care guide is followed, there is no reason that your Playmat shouldn't easily last a lifetime! Every Playmat sold comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.
  • I've opened up my Playmat and there is a mild odour, what is this?
    Don't worry, this is due to The Playmat being packed safely for transport and is completely normal and safe. It will disappear once the playmat has settled out. Wipe it down with a wet cloth or a gentle cleaning solution and you are happy to play away!
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