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Baby Gift Buying Guide

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Buying for a new baby can seem overwhelming, even if you have had babies yourself and been on the gifting end. Here is a quick guide to help inspire some ideas, with a range selected for all different budgets and a focus on products that are eco friendly AND kids will play with for years and years, rather than just a couple of months.

The most common or default gift seems to be clothing, after all teeny tiny clothes really are super cute! It can be easy to get swept away, however in my experience (with 2 little ones) they grow so fast in that first year, and really just live in super comfy Babygro's. Most of the outfits went to waste, or I was in a panic to "get the kids into them" to take a picture and send to the very kind gift giver. I am extremely grateful for the generosity of friends and family, but I assume everyone would rather a gift that gets used over and over again!

If you have your heart set on clothes, why not consider selecting something for an older age 12m and onward, that is sustainable and from an Irish supplier? One of our favourites is @whiterosecreations_irl , an Irish company that handmakes each piece and is sustainable in their production. Their clothing is super cute, comfy and easy to wear for parents and kids! Remember - they will get a lot more use from clothes in an older age group.


If however you are looking for options that will be used for years I have a few suggestions below!

Dantoy Bio Building Cups - not only are these gorgeous stacking cups made out of bioplastic they can be used for years and years. Suitable from 6 months onwards they will stand the test of time and can be used indoors and out. These play cups can be stacked, they can build towers, used in the bath to pour water from one to another - or some have holes so can make rain, they have moulds on the base so can be used as cookie cutters for baking or mounds for modelling clay or sand!

Massively versatile my almost 4 year old is still playing with his set from birth.

Price €12.50.

Dantoy Tiny Bio Bucket Set - why not get them their first beach set? This stunning bucket set is designed for small hands and suitable from 6 months old. It is made from bioplastic so also eco friendly! A must for playing at the beach or in the sandbox. It comes with a bucket, rake, shovel and a sand mould.

They can use it for years to come!

Price €14.00

Clevamama Apron Bath Towel - I don't sell this, but I absolutely adore this product! Clevamama is an Irish company and these apron towels make bath time a breeze. Suitable from birth until 4 years of age. These super soft towels fasten around you like an apron so you have your hands free to scoop your little one out of the bath and cuddle dry. They are made from sustainable materials such as cotton or bamboo, so are super soft!

I have two, one for Jack and one for Nova and have been using them since their first baths!

Price €23.65 direct from Clevamama.

Rubbabu Little Vehicles - made from natural rubber foam these little vehicles are perfect for little ones and pre schoolers. Soft and tactile, they can be grabbed, squeezed and help encourage movement. The simple design and natural materials means they can be used from birth and onwards. Also in the Rubabbu range are sensory balls and larger vehicles!

Prices from €7.99

Wobbel Board or Wobbel 360 - The original balance board, Wobbel boards are the most versatile toy you will ever buy, moving young and old, suitable from 0-100 years of age. It is the ultimate open ended toy, with kids finding a new use for it everyday. Older kids can enjoy learning Wobbel yoga, younger ones can use it to help stand, it can be used as a seat, a step, a rocket launcher, a bridge and so much more. There are two types, the regular balance board and the 360.

Prices start from €109.00

Oli & Carol - Bath Toys that are teethers! Made from 100% natural rubbles these bath toys and teethers have no holes, so say good bye to harmful mould build up. From boats, to watermelons and rubber duckies, this range has something for everyone. Safe from birth, these hand painted toys and teethers use non toxic paint and materials, so little ones can chew on them AND use them in the bath. Extending the life span from months to years!

Prices start from €12.00

Joueco Wooden Blocks - probably the most simple, yet most used toy. These gorgeous wooden blocks will be used again and again for years and years. They come in a super sturdy tub and there are 100 blocks in different shapes and sizes. From basic skills of stacking, to colour matching, naming shapes, building cities and more. These tactile blocks are an absolute must in any toy collection.

Price €21.99


Some other suggestions - your favourite childhood book inscribed as a keepsake, a baby blanket that can be used for years to keep them warm or a moneybox! Another idea, is getting something for the parents, life with a new born is hard, so why not help them out with a subscription to a meal delivery service, or pampering session (with babysitting offered from yourself!).

New born baby on white background with navel clip visible
Nova a few days old by Lianne @dinkyheartphotography

A big ticket item which you could club together with other family or friends, is a new born photography shoot, there are so many talented photographers, with something to suit everyone's style. It is a truly fantastic keepsake and something parents will look back on for years. For little Luke's impending arrival we have Amanda Hatton booked (@amandahatton_photography) and are super excited.

We had shoots for both Jack and Nova in Dubai with amazing photographers, like Lianne (@dinkyheartphotography). Many photographers are now offering mini video edits to go along with the shoots!

I hope there were some helpful tips and suggestions with a wide price range. Buying gifts should be fun and stress free, and add value to the family you are buying for. Try to think outside the box! Parents are always so grateful to receive any gift - but it is extra special when it gets used over and over again.

One final tip - as a mum of two and another that is on the way and my personal perspective...give new mums space to be in their "newborn bubble", there is absolutely no rush to get a gift over, the greatest gift you can give them is the time and space to heal and bond with their new bundle of joy. The last thing we feel like doing is trying to make ourselves presentable and make cups of tea....


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