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Schools out - Now What?

Anyone else think the end of term came around extremely fast this year? I feel like I am left scratching my head and asking "What am I going to do with kids this summer?".

Apart from the day trips & outdoor adventures, I think it's a sanity saver to have a few activities up your sleeve, ones that you can do together on a rainy day or something to keep your rascals entertained while you juggle the rest of life or have a break from it.

Here are a few of my top picks to help beat the summer slump.

Koko Carboard DIY Sets - from Costume Sets to DIY Rainbows, these creative carboard kits are for kids and parents. We aren't all creative geniuses, so these handy kits have instructions and materials to help you and your rascals create amazing toys and memories!

These creative kits are eco friendly, made out of sustainable and recyclable cardboard. They are easy on your pocket too, with prices starting from €19.

My favourite part? After creating your costume kits - you can then also go absolutely nuts decorating them!

Colour then, paint them, cover them in glitter - whatever you and your kids want.

Suitable from ages 3-10 years, depending on item difficulty level and support from older sibling or parent.


The original balance board, Wobbel is a completely open ended toy

that can transform from a yoga prop to a rocket launcher in a split second.

Why not use the summer to explore all that a Wobbel can do, and introduce your rascals to some movement through Wobbel Yoga.

Prices start at €149 for these gorgeous items, it might sound pricy but they can hold up to 200kg and its uses are limitless!

Suitable for ages 0 - 100, Wobbel moves both young and old. Pair it with our printed Wobbel Yoga cards to help inspire some movement or to make a game out of it.


Oli & Carol DIY Sewing kits are gorgeous. They allow children to handcraft their own unique DIY fruits or vegetables. From Wally the Watermelon to Cathy the Carrot these are a fun family craft activity that creates a textile toy to add to their kitchens!

Do It Yourself educational toys help to develop free thinking, self expression and creativity. These kits are suitable from age 6 - 12 years, younger ones will need some help and guidance from an adult or older child. Prices start at €19.90 for these beautiful DIY Sewing kits.


Super Petit Colouring Kits - perfect for keeping little artists entertained at home or when you

are out and about. This range of food grade silicone mats come with erasable markers so your little rascals can colour again and again. Wide range of designs to choose from, they fold up small to fit in your handbag for any lunch or dinners out.

The mini playmats are reversible, so you can freestyle doodle on the back, they come with 4 markers and are priced at €19.90. The large tablemat sets come with 5 markers and a silicone wristband, priced at €25.50.

Suitable from age 3 years plus (or younger with supervision due to lids being a choking hazard).


Alphabet Jigsaws - designed in Ireland, this range of wooden jigsaws are cut from sustainably sourced wood and hand painted in dazzling, non toxic acrylic paints. They are truly small works of art! We have a wide range of puzzles, from first jigsaws suitable from age 2 through to more difficult jigsaws that challenge even the adults. Our top 3 picks are the Map of Ireland (€38), Map of the World (€48) and The Transport Jigsaw and Playset (€42), the pieces can be individually used in small world play to! All Alphabet Jigsaws come with a handy draw string bag for easy storage or for bringing on family trips away.


Joueco Magic Reveal Pad - another very handy one for smaller kids is the Magic Reveal Pad. All the fun of painting, but without the mess. Simply fill the brush with water and your little one can "paint" the 5 gorgeous pictures over and over again. Priced at only €7.50, this bargain is perfect for when you are out and about, while travelling, or when you simply don't want to tidy up a painting mess.

Suitable from age 3 years plus, however with supervision (due to lid being a choking hazzard) is suitable from 2 years.


I hope you find our School's out round up useful, wishing you all a fantastic summer of sunshine and smiles, after the past 18 months we all deserve it. Stay safe!

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