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Discover the PEFC wooden Flemish Houses kit from Kojo. Inspired by Flemish architecture, this model is a journey through Europe.


This construction game composed of plates and clamps gives the child the opportunity to learn to follow the instruction manuel to reproduce the proposed model or to use their imagination to create whatever they like!


Kojo stimulates children's autonomy and fine motor skills. Kojo also allows them to understand geometry and the understanding of angles.

All Kojo packs are compatible, so it is possible to hijack and imagine infinite universes.


Packaging dimension: 29.5 x 19.5 x 8.6cm

Dimensions of the mounted kit: 45 x 15 x 45 cm

Weight: 0,680kg

Materials: PEFC poplar plywood, bioplastic, upcycled fabric

Age: from 4 years old


  • 20 plates (8 large squares, 5 doors, 3 rectangles, 1 window, 3 different roofs)
  • 24 clamps (15 T clamps, 90° clamps),
  • a storage bag,
  • a construction manual

Flemish Houses - Kojo

€61.45 Regular Price
€49.16Sale Price
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